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Footpath 10 Reinstated in Beachamwell

There is a useful web-site on Beachamwell footpaths which is edited by Philip Spencer which gives helpful information about rights of way in the area.

There is good news that footpath 10 in the area has been mostly reinstated so that it is clear where to walk. Below are two photos from Philip’s web-site, one taken last year before the path was cut, and the second after it has been cleared.


Before (above photo) and after (below photo).


As noted on the web-site:

“It’s pleasing to report that it has been now been re-instated and that the route is now clearly marked by a handsome 6 foot wide path. The belt of trees which crosses the path half way along its length is the only part where the line of the path isn’t marked on the ground but the general direction is fairly clear”.

It’s great when footpaths are reinstated, and if anyone has queries or concerns about footpaths in Norfolk please do contact us. Contact information is available at http://www.norfolkra.org.uk/.