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Norfolk Ramblers Holiday in Sidmouth

In addition to all of the walks which take place in Norfolk from our ten groups, there are also many trips away which occur throughout the year. New members are always welcome to take part and last year there was a trip to Sidmouth which proved popular all round.

1SidmouthThey wouldn't let us in with our boot on_

Not in allowed in with their boots on!


2Sidmouth A Path not a Jungle

More a jungle than a path.

3Sidmouth Could we use it at home_

Could we use this at home?…….








Meeting a new friend.

5Sidmouth Walking to Seaton

The walk to Seaton.

6 finishing the wlalk to Sidmouth

The Seaton and District Electric Tramway and the walk to Sidmouth.


Oh doctor I’m in trouble!


A delicious and well deserved snack!

9Sidmouth Otterton Peninsular

Otterton Peninsular

10Sidmouth Would we all get fit in

Would they all fit in?